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How do you know when to move up a size

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Hello. I am fairly new to the forum.

I have been using my first size for a week now and wanted to ask how I would know when to move a size up?


Will it be pretty obvious to my self when I reach that stage and on average how long does it take to move a size I know everyone is different but what is the general rule? 


1 month on a size?

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Hi, welcome to the forum. Hopefully it will gain traction soon, would be great to hear more experiences. 
it shouldn’t take so long on a size, could you explain what happens when you try to move up? Are you using the provided cream also? 
If it’s just a matter of the next size feeling a bit too tight, take a 10 minute bath or shower, stretch manually for a couple of minutes, fit size 1 for 5 minutes, remove and try the next size up