I'm in my 50s and s...
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I'm in my 50s and still struggling with this.....

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I have suffered with a tight foreskin all my life, I have tried stretching in the past, and it seems to help for a while, but unless I do the stretching every day it gradually goes back to how it was. Now being older I am concerned that my skin is no longer flexible enough for this to make a difference. I can pull my foreskin back with an erection, but due to the tightness under my gland it now has the effect of reducing the size and length of my erection, not to mention causing soreness. This all results in a disappointing sex life, which I'll be honest is the story of my life. I would appreciate any advice... 

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Hi buddy, welcome to the forum. The stretching does have to be done every day unfortunately, there’s no way around it but it will pay off. 
Thankfully it sounds like you have a mild case so set yourself a daily stretching regime (it can help to set a reminder on your phone). 
When you can retract fully without any discomfort, you have reached the perfect point to be rid of it. At this stage ensure that the foreskin is being retracted every day during washing, and is retracting comfortably during sexual activity (water based lube can help if it is not). This regular retraction prevents the foreskin contracting to the previous point. At age 50 you still have enough elastic fibres and suitable collagen type, provided that you are healthy so don’t be despondent, you still have a great sex life ahead of you (more regular sex helps to prevent the return of phimosis when retraction is comfortable).