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Long Foreskin

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Hi all,

I'm not embarrassed nor worried, but I have a question.

Background: I'm 60. I first ever got my foreskin back when I was 15 & it got stuck. Paraphymosis. Very embarassing & the treatment in A&E was painful. After that I had great fun stretching it (ahem) though it has always been tight & sometimes painful or difficult to retract when I'm erect.

The past couple of years it has started getting tighter again & sex is sometimes awkward & painful. Using lots of lube helps .

I've been insterting my two little fingers into the tightest area to try to stretch it but this has only had a small effect because I can only keep this up for a limited time.

I got some rings but my foreskin is quite long so the one I've tried tends to slip inwards to where it isn't tight or turn round into the wrong position.

Any advice?




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Hi! Avoid stretching with the fingers for the moment and use just a pull back (or proximal stretch as it known here) when you’re doing manual stretching if the foreskin is long. This helps the tight region of foreskin to become more uniform, allowing phimocure rings to fit without any issues. It also helps when the phimotic band is wide as is often the case with a long and tight foreskin. 
The home page on this site will show the proximal stretch (I won’t include the link in case it’s blocked by spam filters)

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I have the exact problem as OP (original poster)

How long do I the proximal stretch for? is it 10 x 30 seconds with a 30 second rest between each set? 

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 It’s very informative and you are obviously very knowledgeable in this area, keep it up.