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White things under my foreskin

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Thanks for the website doctor. Image 4, 5, and 6 is missing from the main page.

Now over to my question I have a pin hole phimosis and never for the life of me cleaned under my foreskin. I'm 30 and I tend to jerk off here and there and notice that my pee smells really bad and it stings to pee after I jerk off.

How do i know if I balantis, smega or yeast infection. Please assist thank you kind sirs. 

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Its definitely time to do something about it. What you describe could indeed be smegma, balanitis, or a yeast infection. 
The reality is that it’s likely to be a build up and hardening of smegma which causes irritation when you masturbate. Smegma consists of mainly oil and dead skin cells, which can become dry enough to irritate sensitive skin if, as with you it is difficult or impossible to wash away. 
Ultimately, the time is right to fix the issue of the tight foreskin to enable you to wash the area effectively. Have you tried foreskin stretching?