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I am 24 years old and for as long as I can remember I have been suffering with phimosis.

It used to be really bad when I was younger, up until when I was 22 and started trying to stretch it. I may also need to mention that after that point (because I was also really harsh with it and also because I masturbate too often) I used to get balanoposthitis really often (now just once a month and not as terrible as those back then).

After the urethra hole became visible via stretching, I realised that the area just around the hole is super red and sensitivite! The rest of the head is also very sensitive but nothing compared to the urethra opening.


Since this summer I have been periodically managing to stretch the foreskin, up until having it slide over my glans when flaccid (and being at last able to clean all the smegma etc completely). However, the redness of my urethra opening hasn't receded at all.


I also recently bought the phimocure stretch rings and really want to start using them! However, my glans are still super sensitive to the touch (and I dare not touch them because it hurts a lot!) and to make things even worse, to put the rings on the head you have to fold them and they will inadvertenly touch the urethra opening which will most probably cause an excruciating pain.


I was thinking of what solutions I have: is there any kind of anesthetic I can use just before touching the rings on my glans to reduce the discomfort? What do you recommend? Also, what can I do about the urethra? I have been having it at least since when I was 18 (can't remember before that) and still not sure what it is caused by...


Thank you so much,


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Hi D 

first of all, the cause of the inflammation at the opening of the urethra must be established. You will need to see your GP to get a check up. As a very general rule, it is common to require antibiotics to resolve if the issue is urethritis. It can become an issue if it is indeed urethritis and if it’s not treated correctly. Try to reduce aggravating activities for the moment (such as excessive masturbation) and avoid perfumed soaps, or products which may contribute to irritation. 
It is normal to encounter glans hypersensitivity if the foreskin has only recently started to be retracted, this will reduce with more exposure, although it is possible to apply numbing creams during the stretching session - again speak to your GP as the urethra has to be checked first